RPR Carbon

Product code: 01 RPR - carbon

  • Principle:

Syphillis is a disease caused by infection with Treponema Pallidum spirochaete.The serological screening test is a non-treponemal test using cardiolipin and lecithin as antigens coated on a stabilized carbon suspension and human serum or plasma reagins as antibodies. Semi-quantitative determination of the titre of these antibodies is performed by agglutination reaction between a stabilized carbon suspension coated with lipid complexes and antibodies from the sample. Agglutination takes place by direct reaction of the sample (human serum) with RPR carbon antigen for 8 minutes at room temperature, under 100 rot/min rotation.

The kit contains:

    rpr-mare-3 copy
  • 1 vial containing RPR carbon antigen
  • 1 vial containing positive control
  • 1 vial containing negative control
  • Testing cards
  • Pipettes
  • Insert

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