RF latex

Product code: 01 RF - latex

  • Principle:

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease of unknown etiology. Symptoms are swelling and painful joints caused by inflammation and degeneration of synovial membrane. One of the features of this condition is the presence of a group of proteins called rheumatoid factors in blood and synovial liquid..

Rheumatoid factors are a group of antibodies which react with human immunoglobulins to form insoluble antibody-antigen complexes. The titre of these antibodies is determined semiquantitatively by the reaction of immunological agglutination with a suspension of white latex particles, covered in human gammaglobulin. Reaction takes place by direct mixing of the reagent with the sample (human serum), at room temperature, for two minutes.

Kit contains:


  • 1 vial containing RF latex
  • 1 vial containing positive control
  • Testing cards
  • Pipettes
  • Insert

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